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Some useful information for participants

Some useful information for participants


Some useful information for participants

OECD Ankara Multilateral Tax Centre (MTC) is situated approximately eight kilometres from the centre of Ankara in a purpose-built training complex of the Revenue Administration. The address of the MTC is:

Gelir İdaresi Başkanlığı, Eğitim Merkezi
(OECD Ankara Multilateral Tax Center)
25 Mart Mahallesi İstiklal Caddesi, No:7 
Lalegül Yolu üzeri, Demetevler, Yenimahalle,
06200 Ankara, TURKEY

OECD Ankara MTC Office: Tel : (90-312) 387 32 77 or (90 312) 387 33 45 - 1130 - 1131
Fax : (90 312) 387 33 75
(Country Code for Turkey: 90) (Area Code for Ankara 312)

When you are in Turkey, dial 0 (zero) for the long distance calls and dial 00 for international calls

 E-mail :
 Website : 


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How to Get There

Please ensure that you meet the visa requirements before your departure to Turkey by contacting the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in your country. The Turkish airports have foreign exchange facilities available. Usually it is not possible to buy Turkish Lira (TL) in other countries before you arrive in Turkey.         

Upon arrival, a transportation service from Ankara Esenboğa Airport to the OECD Ankara MTC is normally provided for participants only (not for experts) free of charge by the Turkish Revenue Administration if travel details are sent to the fax number or e-mail address provided above. Participants are kindly invited to meet Centre Staff at the MEETING POINT which is located between the Domestic and International Arrival Gates.   

For those who are not met by the Revenue Administration, the cheapest way is to take a shuttle bus (Belkoair Airport Shuttle from Esenboga Airport to ANKAMALL Shopping Center and then take a taxi to the OECD Ankara MTC. The bus ride will cost 8.00 TL (as of September 2015) per person. A taxi from ANKAMALL to the OECD Ankara MTC will cost approximately 20.00 TL. Please show the taxi driver the address set out above and the attached map. The taxi, directly from the airport to the OECD Ankara MTC, will cost approximately 85.00 TL. The exchange rate is approximately 1USD = 3.40 TL, 1EURO = 3.70 TL (as of December 2016). It is not necessary to tip. After the completion of the event, transportation service from the Ankara MTC to the Esenboga Airport will be provided by the Turkish Revenue Administration for participants free of charge.

Accommodations and Meals

All experts and participants will be accommodated free of charge at the OECD Ankara Multilateral Tax Centre (which is also used for training of tax officials of the Turkish Revenue Administration). This provides the maximum opportunity for interaction and dialogue between experts and participants and flexibility in relation to the development of the event.

When you arrive at the Ankara MTC, please identify yourself by showing your passport. The receptionist will give you the key for your room after registration.

Accommodation, including breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided for experts and participants in the MTC from Sunday to Saturday free of charge by the Revenue Administration.

Other Facilities and Support Staff

There are staff members in the Centre to help you during the event with sufficient knowledge of English.

The staff can be found in the OECD office on the first floor (the same floor where the OECD conference room is located). The OECD office is equipped with two public computers with internet access near the conference room. The conference room is equipped with two computers and two projectors giving lecturers the opportunity to make presentations in both English and Russian as well as audio-interpretation equipment for simultaneous interpretation. A technician is available on site for any problems that may arise with interpretation equipment. Two additional rooms are also available for group discussions or case studies.

Social Events and Touring Ankara

A dinner will be held usually on the second night of the first week of the course. Participants, experts and some staff members of the Revenue Administration are invited to this event. As you will see, this provides a good opportunity to get to know the participants and experts on a social level and considerably enhances the discussions on subsequent days.

On Wednesday afternoon, participants will be brought on a city tour. On Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, visits will also be organised to tour around Ankara. These tours include sightseeing of some cultural and historical places, visiting the city centre and well-known shopping areas in Ankara.

Some tourist information on Ankara and Turkey will be provided for the participants and experts. Further information can be obtained from the web site:

Contact Information

Ms. E. Basak Alpaslan
Tel: (90-312) 387 08 07 and 387 32 77 
Fax : (90-312) 387 33 75
E-mail :