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Message of Commissioner

Dear Internet User,

Having a strong corporate culture and tradition, The Presidency of Revenue Administration collects the taxes and other revenues; which constitute the most important financial resource of public expenditures, in consistent with the Constitutional Law and tax laws and with the principle of respect to the tax payer rights. While implementing the tax policies of the State in a fair and impartial manner, the Presidency of Revenue Administration serves with the principles of solution oriented, reliability, participation, transparency, accountability, responsibility, continuous development and competency. With the aim of promoting formal economy by covering all economic activities, sustaining voluntary compliance by protecting tax payer rights and offering quality services, our administration increases its efficiency in combat with the informal economy.

In order to provide our taxpayers with better access to accurate information about their tax obligations various guides and leaflets are being prepared and also other communication tools such as internet, mobile platforms and social media are being used efficiently. Also, the first call center in public services has been set up by our Administration. Our call center, known as the Tax Communication Center (VİMER – 444 0 189), offers services to our taxpayers and to all public on consultation on tax legislation, e-mail in English, debt inquiry, denunciation declaration and Motor Vehicle Taxes.

Increasing tax awareness is one the most important goals of our administration, thus “Improvement of tax Awareness Trainings” are being provided to children in accordance with their ages in order to adopt the importance of tax to all parts of the society and raising children with tax awareness.

In order to increase the taxpayer satisfaction through participatory management principle in line with the goal of improvement on service quality, the “Tax Payer Feedback System” is established. Also, “Tax Payer Satisfaction Surveys” are being done professionally in order to identify the expectations and suggestions and make the required improvements.

Within the scope of Customer Oriented management principle, the web site of our administration is served for your use after being restored in a more functional and user friendly view. Finally, I would like to mention that Revenue Administration would continue to increase voluntary compliance in line with the customer oriented approach, continuous development principle and with new service options through internet and information technologies and I would like to send my regards.